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During the last year, as part of our free master‘s thesis «food forms», we have been investigating the food system of Zurich and its spatial and physical effects. In the process, we came across the former Stadtküche at Sihlquai 340, which was planned by Hermann Herter in 1939 and as an institution has made an enormous contribution to the supply of the city of Zurich. Like a panorama, the building shows how the way we eat has changed. Once a social institution, it is now inconspicuous and has disappeared from the city‘s consciousness. On the one hand, it includes a series of interventions and actions, such as collecting linden blossoms in the city of Zurich. Building on this, the architectural project investigates the role of the kitchen in our society and negotiates through 9 perspectives, the «9 faces», between the different aspects of the food system. By transforming the building, we propose a future in which the everyday things of life are allowed to take a presence in consciousness and in the city. In this, the architecture of the kitchen is the negotiation that makes things possible and is shaped by them.

2020 - 2022 - ETH Master Thesis in architecture at D-ARCH


Blanka Dominika Major, Severin Jann Valentin Ribi
write us mail@food-forms.com


Studio Emerson, ETH Zurich, Prof. Tom Emerson, Amy Perkins and Boris Gusic
Prof. Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Harvard GSD

many thanks to

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Charlotte Malterre-Barthes
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Essen für alle
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